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Do buses have the right-of-way over bicyclists in the bike lane in Oregon?

In Oregon, the right-of-way of a bicyclist riding in the bicycle lane is one of the most pure rights-of-way there is in the traffic code. However there are some common circumstances when a bicyclist is required to yield to a bus.

ORS 811.167 Failure to yield right of way to transit bus requires that all vehicle operators (and a bicycle is a vehicle under Oregon law) are required to yield the right-of-way to a transit bus trying to re-enter traffic after stopping to drop off or pick up passengers if, and only if, the bus has a flashing yield light illuminated.

In the image above the bicyclists in the bicycle lane and the black car in the mixed-use lane are following Oregon law and yielding to the bus.

Buses are also allowed to stop on bicycle lanes when momentarily picking up or discharging passengers per ORS 811.560 Exemptions from prohibitions on stopping, standing or parking.

Charley Gee is a personal injury attorney in Portland, Oregon. He focuses his practice on representing bicyclists and pedestrians against insurance companies, corporations, and the government.

Thank you to Kara Bredahl for assisting in the research of this post.

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